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Doggie Daycare


Do you have a bored hyper puppy? Or maybe a shy timid rescue dog? Then doggie daycare maybe just what your dog needs. At doggie daycare your dog can make friends and get socialized with all different breeds, sizes, ages, and personalities. They can run, swim, and wrestle all day so they go home tired and sleep for you in the evening. Doggie daycare is a much better alternative than crating them while you’re at work or running errands.​

We have small tiny Chihuahuas all the way up to big Mastiffs. Our play groups are made according to size, age, and temperament. We have 4 different types of play groups: Small dog group (30 pounds and under), Medium dog group and puppies (25 to 45 pounds dogs and large breed puppies under 6 months), Large dog group (6 months to 3 years playful and active), and Old dog clam dog play group (for shy, clam and old dogs who want to relax). We do an evaluation on all dogs before they are accepted into doggie daycare which is free to you. Our prices are reasonable and we offer discount packages for regulars. Our packages do not expire, they don't need to be used in a row, and you do not need to sign up for prearranged dates.  At Bark Central there are nice large yards for them to run, heated and air condition inside areas where they can rest. We take regular pictures and videos then post them on Facebook for you to watch them play. If you’re unsure if doggie daycare is for your dog come in for a tour.

Home Style Boarding (Overnight)


Does your pet sleep in a crate at home? Then home style board would be perfect for your pet. There are only in the crate at night time so that all the pets are safe. All the crates have blankets, beds, and water for each dog supplied by us. Small dogs from the same family can stay together in large crate and medium or large dogs can be side by side. During the day they get to play and socialize with the daycare dog groups. So even if your dog isn't used to sleeping in the crate they normally do just fine and go right to sleep after 12 hours of playing.


When they board with us we feed them twice a day. We highly recommend bringing your own food from home so they don't get upset tummies or diarrhea.  We can also give medication to those pets who take it. Our boarding is affordable and includes everything with no extra add-ons or hidden fees. We even offer senior and military discount for those who qualify.

Luxury Suites (Overnight)


Do you want your pet to be in a cage free environment while they stay somewhere? Luxury suites are nice private, little bedrooms where your dog can sleep on beds. The suites are also perfect for families with different size dogs that want them to stay together. When your dog stays with us they get to socialize and play during the day with the daycare dogs if they want to or they can snooze and nap all day on their bed. And of course there is always water available.


When they board with us we feed them twice a day. We highly recommend bringing your own food from home so they don't get upset tummies or diarrhea.  We can also give medication to those pets who take it. Our boarding is affordable and includes everything with no extra add-ons or hidden fees. We even offer senior and military discount for those who qualify.



Cat Overnight Boarding 


New to Bark Central, now offering cat overnight boarding. We have a space away from the dogs where cats can feel safe. Cats have a large sleeping kennel with cozy bed, litter box, food and water. During the day they get let out of the kennel in a small room with cat post, climbing tree post, and beds. Same cat family members can stay together if you would like. If you have a dog family member staying with us and your cat and dog are best friends they can visit. Our staff regularly pets, snuggles, and cleans up after the cats throughout the day. We have a radio going for familiar sounds to help comfort the cats.  We need owners to bring their cats own food and litter to make sure pets don't reactions or get upset tummy.  

Grooming Services


Do you have a hairy, stinky dog that needs a bath? Sign up to have your pet looking, Feeling and smelling fresh and clean. 

We not only offer baths and grooms to our boarding and daycare customers but also anyone one who needs and needs it. 

For a daycare dogs they can play all day without any charge for daycare only the bath or grooming. Our boarding customers can pick up in the evening without being charged for boarding that day only the bath service. We use high quality shampoos and conditioners. As well as top of the line grooming equipment. Our groomer has years of professional pet grooming experience with all breeds of dog. We talk to owners one on one before the groom to make sure you get what you want. We offer three baths Puppy bath (4 months and under), premium bath and the deluxe bath. All baths have included shampooing, blow dry, brushing, nails, and ears cleaned. the Deluxe bath has a little more included like conditioner, anal glands expressed, teeth brushing and nail grinding. 

All prices for baths and groomings depend on length, thickness, and condition of fur and coat; breed and size of animal; and temperament and cooperation of the animal. Call us for prices and Sign up today for your grooming and bathing appointment. 

Anesthesia-free Teeth Cleaning Clinics


This service is great for maintaining healthy teeth and gums for your dog. Just like us we go to the dentist and get our teeth cleaned, they don't need to knock us out to scrap the plaque and tarter off, well they don't need to for your dog either.


Anesthesia can be very dangerous for older dogs, little dogs, or dogs with health problems. Keeping pets safe is the most important so little dogs are wrapped in a towel to keep them from wiggling and large dogs get to lay on the ground so they feel safe. All pets are check by a vet before they do the cleanings to make sure they are able to clean them without anesthesia. Each cleaning only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.


This method for cleaning the teeth safer and less expensive, you can easily spend more than $800.00 for a dental cleaning at your local vet. Our anesthesia free cleanings are only $165.00 per pet.


We recommend getting the cleaning every 6 months to year after the age of two years old. Every dog is different so the best way is to look at the back of their teeth and see if they have any tarter build up. Waiting too long can cause teeth to rot and major health problems. If there is missing teeth, loose teeth, or broken teeth, it is advised to go your vet and get your dog’s teeth cleaned under anesthesia. This way your dog is not in pain when removing these teeth.


Anesthesia free dentals are done at Bark Central about every other month. Visit our Facebook page to see up coming cleanings and our customers before and after pictures. If you have any quetions about anesthesia free teeth cleaning or you want to get your pet on the sign u sheet please call us.

Professional Pet Portraits


What a perfect way to remember your best friend with a professional photo. Twice a year, spring time and fall, we have a professional photographer from Lil Angel Photography come in and do pet portraits with cute back drops and props. These make excellent gifts for family members and are a great keepsake to always remember your loved one.  They take about 5 photos of each pet and then give you proofs to choose what poses you would like best. If you don’t like any then you don’t have to order. They can take multiple dogs and family members together. They have lots of specialty items to order as well, like key chains, mugs, calendars, magnets, and more.  They make ordering easy with their online ordering option and you have a couple months to decide if you want to order. Visits their website for questions or more information or give them a call 253-242-3460.

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