Testimonials from our Customers

These Testimonials are written by our real customers. They are not made up. Our customers and their pets really do love Bark Central. To read more or write your own review just go online to Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Citysearch Reviews, and Facebook.

Alissa Cooley
With Stella

We can't say enough good things about Bark Central and if Stella could talk, I'm sure she'd be the same. The owners are so accommodating (letting us drop off early when we had an early flight), taking last minute reservations, and taking such good care of our pup. Stella comes home exhausted from her time at BC and is usually asleep within 5 minutes in the car. The photos and videos posted on Facebook are proof that Stella has a great vacation while we are away for ours. Thank you!!

Michelle Yost
With Jack & Emma
Michelle Yost
With Jack & Emma

Every person here obvious LOVES the dogs they care for. With great advice given to make a transition easier before a trip or for daycare services. Our dogs had such a great time and were given such obvious love that we're planning on purchasing some daycare package time to let them have more fun with great pups and great peeps! (And while the being unable to pick up from boarding on Sundays is inconvenient? It's worth every bit of money to know there is QUALITY care!)

Gwen Rucker
With Bailey


I have been going to Bark Central for over a year. My lab, Bailey loves it there, and starts dancing and whining when he knows we are about a block away. He pushes out of the car to go in, and all his pals are dancing on the steps to announce he has arrived! They treat him great and are great with my sometimes unpredictable schedule. He loves to play, but not so much in the pool. they are great to Bailey and he is in good hands. Thanks Amanda!

Brenda Pounds 
with Newman

Newman loves it and the staff are awesome.The little guy gets very upset if he sees I'm leaving for work and he is not going to get to come. He gets to play all day and is such a calm sweetie in the evening. If he does not go for a few days, he turns into a little terror and becomes "Naughty Newman"

Krinkle Miears
With Soffie & Angel

Soffie and Angel loved it there.The staff took very great care for them. Had Christmas Supper and we got to watch them eat their supper. We got to see them everyday on their Facebook page. The price was very reasonable, took Soffie there today to be groomed,when she saw where she was at, she excited. They groomed her so good,i love how they groomed her. She and Angel will be going back. I give them a 100 stars!!!!!

With  Batman

Can't thank Bark Central enough for taking care of Batman for 10 days while my husband and I were visiting family. Fairly priced, nice facility, and the staff is always very outgoing and personable. They do an awesome job showing you that they truly care about your pet. A huge bonus is the photos they post here on their Facebook page; they really kept me going during my trip when I was missing my boy. Thanks, guys!

Caroline Edmiston
With Maggie

This is the answer to a dog parent's dream! Our puppy, Maggie, had used up all my energy, but she had a ton of energy left. So glad we found Bark Central. Now our darling goes for 4 hours a day and comes home exhausted. And we get to enjoy her, instead of having to constantly trying to corral her. She is getting necessary socialization and getting to run and play her energy out. The staff here clearly LOVES dogs and are all wonderful. I would highly recommend!

Lindsey Downie
with Raja & Chompor

I have one very hyper chocolate lab, and a little boxer lab with the worst allergies possible. But here at Bark Central, they accommodate his allergies and even deal with his silliness when he has to have a cone head. I also love the fact that I can groom my boys here, see how they're doing with constant Facebook photos/videos that the staff update daily, and that they get holiday meals for an extremely treasonable price. For Christmas they gave my boys some treats and me a handmade ornament with a picture of my fur babies. I am SO glad I kept wanting to look into Bark Central every time I drove to school, I just wish I had done so before I graduated! It would've been perfect for them when I had classes for 4-6 hours. Now it's perfect for both my short and long work days.

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