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Daycare Requirements 

It is very important to us that the pet's in our care meet our

 requirements to keep your pet safe, other pets safe and our staff. 

 Behavioral Trial

Every dog must do our trial assessment  where you leave your pet with us for 1 to 3 hours while your away and doing a few errands. We introduce your pet to one dog at a time so they don’t get overwhelmed with a large group of dogs greeting them all at once. Our trial is by appointment only, please call us to set up a time to bring your dog by!

Friendly with Others

 We want to have a positive and safe playing environment for all dogs. Pets must be non-aggressive towards people, animals, and food. Personal items will not be allowed due to high risk of possession aggression. We are not set up nor have extra space to keep aggressive animals at our facilities.

Spayed and Neutered

After 7 months of age all pets must be spayed or neutered. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered have more behavior and dominance issues. There is also the risk of pets become pregnant. And even dogs that are spayed or neutered get jealous or protective and can try and challenge pets that aren’t spayed or neutered.

Current on Vaccines

All pets must have current proof vaccinations from a certified veterinarian.  Required vaccines include Rabies, Distemper/Pravo, and Bordetella. We do not have a fax, so you can bring in a paper copy, have your vet call us, or have it emailed to us. Vaccines may be waived due to old age, health reasons, or allergies with a written release from licensed veterinarian. 

No Parasites

All pets must enter the facility with no fleas or parasites.  If fleas are found after your pet is left in our care, then the pet will be bathed and/or treated with topical flea treatment and you will responsible for any charges. Although we have a no flea policy, there is a higher risk of your pet getting fleas when socializing them with other dogs, so it is highly recommend that you treat your pet monthly with a topical treatment.

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