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Overnight Boarding

Our boarding is affordable and includes all day group doggie daycare play with other dogs.

At our facility, dogs play freely in small, supervised groups from morning until it is time for bed. We feed twice daily, breakfast and dinner, though can give lunch upon request. We highly recommend you bring your food from home to avoid any upset tummies. We can administer any medications as well. Dogs are only in their sleeping spaces for bedtime, and we provide two options for your dog's overnight comfort:


Does your pet sleep in a crate at home? Then home-style board would be perfect for your pet. They are only in the crate at night time so that all the pets are safe. All the crates have blankets, beds, and water for each dog supplied by us. Small dogs from the same family can stay together in large crate and medium or large dogs can be side by side. During the day, they get to play and socialize with one another in small groups. So even if your dog isn't used to sleeping in the crate, they normally do just fine and go right to sleep after 12 hours of playing.

Luxury Suite

Do you want your pet to be in a cage-free environment while they stay somewhere? Luxury suites are nice, private, little bedrooms where your dog can sleep on beds. The suites are also perfect for families with different size dogs that want them to stay together. When your dog stays with us they get to socialize and play during the day with one another in small dog groups if they want to or they can snooze and nap all day on their bed. And of course there is always water available.

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